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Son Jung Wan 2016 NYFW

February 15, 2016

There is a story behind every women and its never the same, you will never see recurring details and that’s actually what Son Jung Wan achieves in each and every collection she creates. Son Jung Wan’s career has blossomed from a modest boutique, into a household name making her one of the most elite designers in the game. There are so many designers that showcase each season at New York fashion week but there are very few that create the atmosphere and real anticipation that Ms.Wan does. Sophisticated but bold, this collection is not made for the practical lady who loves to blend in. Nothing in the Son Jung Wan’s collection will be missable due to its strong vibrant colors, selection of fine fabrics but most importantly for me the tailoring she creates. All of her creations are tailored for the women who loves to stand out for all the right reasons. This February her new collection was no different, with numerous furs and embellishments, as always I personally fell in love at first sight with her collection. Unlike last February where Ms. Wan used dark purples, green furs and glistening gold fabrics, this year she opted for pastel colours, with grey and black garments added into the mix. Fearless, bold and sophisticated, the Son Jung Wan collection takes risks to the next level. Unfortunately the finale was really quick, so I was unable to get pictures of some pieces but I hope you ladies love the shots I did get. I even got a quick snap of Kevin Tachmen, a fashion genius when it comes to photography working behind the scenes. I really could not pick a favorite and if I did it would be a three hour long essay discussing every small detail of this exquisite and charming collection.

Stay Lawless,

Niamh X


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