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Summer Suits

May 15, 2017

I know in some areas we are still fighting for equal rights but ladies lets face it, some things will never be equal but this time its in our favour. Do you really want to see your boyfriend or husband wear one of your dresses. Hell no, I am guessing.

However sorry boys but this rule does not apply to us lovely ladies. We can wear your clothes and you know what ? we can rock it better and have been doing it ever since the 80’s. We should make no apologies for this. Come summer time floral dresses, skirts, and beach cover ups are embedded into are minds and are continuously displayed on numerous online and retail shops. I am all for it but every lady needs variety in her wardrobe so why not try out a suit ? Its structured, sophisticated and screams confidence. I have picked out a few of my favourites which I feel will not only be a sensible purchase but also have your friends really envious they didn’t wear it first. I have no doubt if you pick one of the looks below you may find yourself wearing it all year round. I hope you love my top picks and of course…..

Stay Lawless,

Niamh X


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