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Sunday World Autumn Shoot

September 14, 2016

So last Sunday something very exciting happened to me. I got my first credit in Ireland as a stylist. For the past three years, I have been working hard to build my career as a stylist and costume designer with my final year of college in the mix. It’s been an emotional roller coaster to say the least. Styling music videos in New York to costume designing on Broadway, I was determined to get home and start building a platform here on the Emerald Isle.

Since coming home, I have been credited as a costume designer in Dublin and London; however fashion editorial was my next box to tick off. Never did I think I would be have three of the most exciting styling jobs in the space of a week. I have walked off all my over indulgent chocolate nights from the last month, so there is always a plus side to working on your feet. Styling for UTV Ireland’s ‘Miss Ireland Rocks’ (130 looks to be exact), Vavavoom and ‘Red Rocks’ starlets Roisin O’Donovan and Ann Skelly.

The first to be published was my Vavavoom shoot, which took place in Dublin and photographed by Ralph McKeon. All the looks I have shown can be found online at Vavavoom.ie. We are in the middle of seasons and usually at this point we are quick to change our color palette to dark greys, blacks and burgundy. But hopefully my shoot may allow you to consider a change!

I was lucky enough to shoot with Faridah Adbullah, a model from New York who undoubtedly ROCKED IT! It was a fast day switching into several looks, but Faridah was a pro, as noted by many onlookers on the busy streets of Dublin.

One particular moment that stood out was when Faridah got a lovely big beep, whistles and waves from a car full of ladies driving by, shouting ‘leg envy’ and ‘you beaut’ while wearing this ‘Marley’ catsuit. This added an extra giggle for the whole crew along with a sigh of relief having amongst caused a crash.

Ultimately, this proved that Vavavoom makes you stand out from the crowd. Whether you want to wear a darling outfit like the ‘Marley’ catsuit or an outfit that can transition from day to night, Vavavoom never disappoints!

My personal favorite was the black jumpsuit nicknamed ‘Ginny’. I placed a vintage belt to add contrast to the overall look. A wrap belt like this is great as it can hold in your waist and make you feel a lot more secure in your clothing. Ophelia Top is perfect for girls like myself who have a bigger bust as it pinch’s in under the bust line creating a flattering silhouette.

I hope you love the looks, all which can be found on www.vavavoom.ie.

Stay Lawless,

Niamh X



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