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July 15, 2017


Today I wanted to talk about online shopping. The last time I discussed this topic it was in relation to scams and how to purchase and exchange information online safely. This post is a lot less serious but I do advise you read my later post for future reference “4 Tips to Avoid Online Fraud.” I have picked a selection of shops and designers that I frequently visit whether it’s a shoe fetish you have or just love to find something unique I feel these sites are ones for you. ( Above picture: Photography by Gabriel M Brandt. Styling by me, Models Janet Ribando & Caitlin Grace.)

It is the one thing that I really should stop buying but can’t. Dresses especially wrapped ones are so faltering and comfortable they are hard to resist. if I could shop on this every day I would, however, it is expensive. They are also great for jumpsuits and blouses. My second would have to be which is a brand in Australia once again it is expensive however if you are going to a wedding or have a special occasion I do advise to shop here. Not just because their collection is simply stunning but surprisingly not many ladies know about it in Ireland. Third would have to be, yes another Aussie brand but they know their stuff. There are some pieces I would not be keen on however I love their ECHO collection. Check out their Wallflower dress if you don’t believe me.



I have enough boots to know you can never have too many. Yes, heels from River Island, Topshop and all the high street favorites are nice but boots are everything. Dramatic but true and here’s why. 1. Your feet will never get wet which is the main factor when living in Ireland. 2. You can wear them during the day as well as night time “More for your buck” 3. You will not be left in pain from your friend’s heel piercing your toes & 4. There just simply comfy. So where to shop the best is one, is also great. For something a like more quirky the infamous Jeffery Campbell.


Mary Frances bags are my absolute favorite Another brand called Uterque is amazing for clothing as well as accessories, belts are always a winner with this site Sunglasses always complete a look no matter what the season. I love Anthropologie they have something to suit everyone and are great for scarfs. If you wanted something more urban then I would check out



Fitness fashion has taken on a new meaning. To stay on top with this new fashion statement there is only one site to visit and that is



Last but most certainly not least is my personal favorite coats. I usually shop vintage for coats however there is only one collection that will make me change this habit and that is ‘I am Studio.’ I brand which is based in Moscow, Russia. Their coats look like they have stepped off of the runway without the price tag. Knitwear and dresses are also something to consider when shopping on this site.