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July 15, 2017


Today I wanted to talk about online shopping. The last time I discussed this topic it was in relation to scams and how to purchase and exchange information online safely. This post is a lot less serious but I do advise you read my later post for future reference “4 Tips to Avoid Online Fraud.” I have picked a selection of shops and designers that I frequently visit whether it’s a shoe fetish you have or just love to find something unique I feel these sites are ones for you. ( Above picture: Photography by Gabriel M Brandt. Styling by me, Models Janet Ribando & Caitlin Grace.)

It is the one thing that I really should stop buying but can’t. Dresses especially wrapped ones are so faltering and comfortable they are hard to resist. if I could shop on this every day I would, however, it is expensive. They are also great for jumpsuits and blouses. My second would have to be which is a brand in Australia once again it is expensive however if you are going to a wedding or have a special occasion I do advise to shop here. Not just because their collection is simply stunning but surprisingly not many ladies know about it in Ireland. Third would have to be, yes another Aussie brand but they know their stuff. There are some pieces I would not be keen on however I love their ECHO collection. Check out their Wallflower dress if you don’t believe me.



I have enough boots to know you can never have too many. Yes, heels from River Island, Topshop and all the high street favorites are nice but boots are everything. Dramatic but true and here’s why. 1. Your feet will never get wet which is the main factor when living in Ireland. 2. You can wear them during the day as well as night time “More for your buck” 3. You will not be left in pain from your friend’s heel piercing your toes & 4. There just simply comfy. So where to shop the best is one, is also great. For something a like more quirky the infamous Jeffery Campbell.


Mary Frances bags are my absolute favorite Another brand called Uterque is amazing for clothing as well as accessories, belts are always a winner with this site Sunglasses always complete a look no matter what the season. I love Anthropologie they have something to suit everyone and are great for scarfs. If you wanted something more urban then I would check out



Fitness fashion has taken on a new meaning. To stay on top with this new fashion statement there is only one site to visit and that is



Last but most certainly not least is my personal favorite coats. I usually shop vintage for coats however there is only one collection that will make me change this habit and that is ‘I am Studio.’ I brand which is based in Moscow, Russia. Their coats look like they have stepped off of the runway without the price tag. Knitwear and dresses are also something to consider when shopping on this site.

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The Perfect Combo

January 21, 2016


Winter is a wonderful season. And when it comes to fashion, indulgence is what comes to mind. My favorite indulgences are accessories; preferably snug ones. One thing about winter fashion is that vibrant and colorful slip from our minds when we look in our wardrobes. I love this fun hat, which I found on Asos. Designers are now taking on the common hat and threading it with a variety of embellishments and fabrics. And I LOVE it. This particular hat is veiled with small white pearl and delicate netting. In a dream world, it would stay in place but with the windy winter season upon us it’s best to pin it. Anthropologie has also become one of my favorite NY brands. They are known for their household trinkets but I personally love their accessories. Which is why I paired the Asos hat with one of their vibrant citrus yellow scarves. I wouldn’t normally buy such a brightly colored scarf but there was something special about this one. The two accessories complimented each other perfectly.


There are so many hidden rules in fashion, such as “No white after labor day”, “Dress for your age”, “Red heads should not wear pink”. Rules can be good and are in place for a reason, but I believe it is dated to adhere to these boundaries in fashion. One can make sophisticated choices outside of these rules and look fabulous. In other words, dress to impress. Photography by Gemma Friary

Stay Lawless,

Niamh X





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Favorite Finds for Xmas

December 16, 2015

Christmas is such a fun time but finding that perfect gift is really hard (especially for all those boyfriends out there). So I wanted to show you ladies all my favorite finds so far from this season. Whether it’s a hint to someone close or just a small present to yourself I know you will love my Christmas selection, so take a peak.


Firstly, how can you start of winter without a strong selection of winter accessories. It really is unheard of, no excuses allowed and if you follow Anthropologie you will be best dressed this season. Unfortunately if you are not in America you won’t be able to experience the atmosphere in the store, with beautiful decor along with a home section which is to die for. Thankfully it is accessible online visit to view the above selection and much more.


Aritiza has become my go to store and if its not yours it soon will be. Made to fit the typically New York lady with a sophisticated but edgy vibe whats not to love. No matter where you are I guarantee you will find yourself being asked when and where you got your oufit. Aritizia is known for having a strong selection of clothing but for me it will always be their collection of leather pants . I won’t name but back in Ireland I would spend so much on leather pants that would eventually wear and fade but Aritizas leather pants are perfection and will make you feel like a rock star. The above pants are 145dollars which is an expense but I do assure you will not regret it. Two blouse above are beautiful the red sheer blouse in particular I have added to my list when I return to New York and of course who can say no to a crisp white blouse (Red Blouse 185dollars, White Blouse 135dollars). To find more visit


When you have the perfect leather pants then you need a statement top and what better than Reformation. Reformation is tailored to create the most beautiful you. And if you are looking gentlemen to find something your lady will love there an endless selection that will have her smiling from ear to ear on christmas day. I love a plunging necklines and this royal blue velvet top made my heart skip a beat(128dollars). Its so beautiful and something that can be carried into every season whether its a leather pant, denim jean of a pencil skirt you can make this top your own. If you were to considering one however I personally would go for Revelry Jacket (for 168dollars) simply because its so different and I can’t imagine you will find anything more beautiful from another store.


One thing that can never go strong is shoes. Of course unless you get the wrong size but one thing that they will not do is make you feel guilty after the christmas holidays so you can each to your hearts content and look fabulous while doing it. One thing that I feel every girl should invest in is a good pair of boots. Everyone is different I personally love a chunky heel its alot more comfortable and you never have to fear cracks of cobbled roads. The ankle black boots above I love and have a similar pair myself that I wear to death and are always reliable for comfort. Another pair which can also be found on Nastygal ( are is these Jeffrey Campbell thigh high boots I think they speak for themselves. Jcrew is another favorite of mine and these blue stripy sandals are so cute. If blue is not your color then do not fear you can find these sandals in a black suede and gold embellishments. If you are not into embellishments and looking for a sandal more simply then Missguided should be your nexted search I love their selection of sandals and boots. Besides being more reasonably priced you will always find something special.




Vavavoom is a leading online store here in Ireland and you can see why. Theres a lot to chose from but these two are my favorite picks. I am a lover for bodysuits as you can change from a cute top with jeans or switch to a skirt and make it your own signature dress. My favorite part about this particular bodysuit is the sleeves which are perfect if you are self conscious like myself showing off your arms. Following onto the sweater whats not to love between the vibrant teal color and flurry texture it will be hard not to take it off all winter. (Veronique Jumper 28.99euro, Aditi Bodysuit 25.99euro). Hope you love some of my favorite finds there is more to come so keep a close eye in the next few days.


Stay Lawless,

Niamh X