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October 5, 2017



How many times has your style changed? For myself personally, I have lost count. At twelve I rocked the sock sleeve inspired by Avril Lavigne. Then there was the era from of Abercrombie & Fitch. At college, I think there was some confusion as I would wear river island sandals in the midst of winter with jeans and leather jacket. I know what was I thinking. But there was one thing that I have loved to wear continuously from the early age of twelve and that has been a puffer jacket.

Since my teens, the puffer jacket has evolved from a causal dual coat to wear while walking to becoming a fashion statement of its own. Designers like Moschino have taken a basic fabrication and made it into something that is memorable for all the right reasons. But no one embraces daring designs like the high street and let’s be honest they always get it right. Dunnes Stores is renowned in Ireland as the no. 1 grocery store however that will soon change. If you haven’t noticed Dunnes Store has reinvented its business. Instead of picking up Brennan’s bread you are now greeted by designs from Irish designers such as Paul Costello and my personal favorite Joanne Hynes.

This seasons A/W 2017 collection Dunnes Stores have embraced a vibrant palette which mostly consists of pinks. Last winter we seen pink frequently used by many designers. Jcrew set the tone with there faux fir pink coat with oversized lapels which I proudly own. But I am getting a little off point here, just so you know pink has been in for the last year and I don’t see it changing anytime soon.

I have picked out a selection of fashionable yet practical puffer coats that I think you ladies and possibly gents will love. At the end of the day, the lovely thing about puffer coats is that they are unisex. In relation to style, I wore my Savida coat with jeans and a cardigan/top. My jeans are from Free People and I am ashamed to admit these are the first pair that I have bought in five years. Terrible but true, having bad skin I found a lot of denim irritated my skin and I always felt more comfortable in skirts, until now. For the last year I have searched high and low for bell bottom jeans and finally found a pair that I love. The denim is soft with a little stretch which is always welcome in my book. I have picked out other jean styles in case bell bottoms is not your thing. My top is a lace cardigan that I purchased from Primark this summer and I embellished it with my favorite brooch from Jenny Vander Vintage. If you click on the looks below you will find a direct link to the product. So happy shopping ladies and of course…..

Stay Lawless,


(Photography by Yong, Instagram Smashnj)




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Western Belts

April 13, 2016


When I think of accessories, belts were normally far from my mind until now that is. It’s only in recent months that this particular accessory has taken on a new statement of its own and I absolutely love it. Last year at Coachella, some of you may remember Kendal Jenner wearing a beautiful double buckled belt, which she wore endlessly. Well lucky for us “Free People” now have the same version of her belt but wait for it, in silver, gold and rose gold. Called “Bri Bri”, this belt will be a stable fashion accessory, which all your friends will beg to borrow. My heart skipped a beat when I saw it recently and I just had to have it. I am forever in leather pants and really could not wait to try this look out. Whether you wear it with jeans, a dress or possibly a romper, you will be certain to make it a regular feature in your daily wardrobe changes. I have selected a number of my favorites and I know you ladies will love them. I feel you cannot go wrong with this, it is impossible to make a belt this beautiful look bad. Aritzia have the most amazing selection of leather pants but for jeans, well for me, it has to be Topshop. I hope you love this look as much as I do but more importantly you should try it yourself and make it your own.

Stay Lawless,

Niamh X






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Love and Lemons

March 18, 2016

In my years of going to Art college for me there were a number of key essential survival items. One was the high waisted Levi denim shorts that were way too tight, some of your dads oversized 80’s sweaters that just screamed student and a selection of cute oversized scarfs of course but no matter were you studied Arran sweaters were a must. Temple Bar in Dublin city centre was always a safe bet for a good night out but for me personally I always wanted something a little different. Every night was very much the same and a bit repetitive, so it was the only college trend I did not over indulge in. I am always on the look out for something different, especially spending some free time Winter shopping, I just loved it. For me there is nothing better than feeling snug and cozy in an oversized cardigan. For fashionable knitwear, I am obsessed with “For Love and Lemons”. Their selection of knits are a contrast between basic knitwear to over the top statement pieces. I feel they are to die for. I love this clothing brand for so many reasons but mainly because of the tailoring and craftsmanship that goes into all of their garments. Some of you may think they are expensive but for me having bought several pieces it really is money well spent in my opinion. This particular one in cream colour sold out really fast but don’t worry, there is now one available in a beautiful dark blue colour which is perfect. I know for some people its hard to consider buying knitwear instead of a summers dress at this point in the year, in fact you might think I am crazy but why not ? You will only regret it come September ! So move fast, sales don’t last forever !

Stay Lawless,

Niamh X





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Wallflower Winter

January 3, 2016

For me this year was the year for the 70’s vibe, hipster sunglasses and bohemian dresses and I loved every single minute of it. The perfect way to celebrate this was to go exactly where it originated in San Francisco. Of course I also wanted to visit my younger brother but what more reason does a girl need, to visit the heart of 70’s culture. I got my younger brother do as much research as possible but of course he advised that Hath Ashbury was the place to go, like every other brochure and honestly I wasn’t convinced that this was the only option. Luckily for me, I was staying closer to the Mission district in San Fran’ which I discovered was one of the most bizarre and beautiful places I have ever visited. Street art is my hidden love and I have such an admiration for painting but nothing could prepare me for the artwork I was about to see. In my opinion an area so unique had to have something fashionable to offer. I found this beautiful vintage boutique that had me fixed from the minute I glanced at the window. Most vintage boutiques you find around the world have a horrible musky smell with over crowed rails of denim and shearling coats. If that’s what you love then Wallflower is not for you. If you want to take a step back and feel present in an upscale 70’s boutique, then Wallflower ticks every box. I can’t begin to explain how much I loved this boutique, everything inside was every vintage girls dream with a wide selection of beautiful and vibrant pieces from the 60s and 70s era but more importantly in perfect condition.

Growing up in Ireland it is tradition in our house that Santa would treat us to a new outfit to go to mass in. I am always on the look out for something special and found it when I visited ‘Wallflower.’ Although it was the middle of summer, I find it the best time to shop for winter clothes, as either a boutique is trying to sell old stock or even better still you have the first choice for the coming season. Beige is one of my favorite colors to mix and match because you really can never go wrong with it. Deciding on a shoe however is very important, as it is not always guaranteed to match, no matter how fabulous they are. Free People is a store I discovered while living in New York and one I always keep a very close eye on. Boots are always a girl’s best friend and I found these beauties here and I know you ladies will go crazy for. The front part has a snakeskin print but my personal favorite is the blue stitching around the edge of the toe. This vintage inspired ankle boots are really beautiful and will have everybody envious, trust me on this. I decided to style the jacket and boots with a blue jean but a dark denim or leather pant would just be as well suited. The great thing about buying vintage is that you will be the only one to have it but I wouldn’t show you ladies if I didn’t have similar options. Do check out wallflower on Etsy and this is another reason why I love this boutique, you can buy online.

Stay Lawless,

Niamh X




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Monroe Dress

August 16, 2015


I know it might sound crazy but because I have a fashion blog and post daily, you may have the overall impression that I have total self confidence in myself  but don’t be fooled, we all have days that we don’t feel 100%. Maybe I shouldn’t admit it but for myself personally in the last few years I have struggled with coming to terms with my body changes and now that I am 24, I’ve noticed a big change in how clothes fit and I won’t lie, I have found it very upsetting and annoying at times. Why admit this ladies?? Well honestly, we are all going to grow into different body types and shapes and instead of being scared of it, I’ve now embraced my new womanly figure and said goodbye to my old size 6 self. Not only that but I’ve found a dress that will make any girl of any size look and feel beautiful.

Reformation is an online store that I can only describe as amazing. A collection fit for any fashion lover, Reformation has easily one of the strongest selections of dresses and skirts I’ve seen in years. Whatever you purchase here, you will feel as though it was tailor made to your exact measurements. Short sleeve dresses are a big fear for most of us ladies including myself however Reformation only tailor their clothing to make you, your most beautiful self. I’m obsessed with the tailoring of this particular dress, the sleeves are draped over my shoulder instead of cuffed around my arm, making my arms feel and look slimmer. When you stroll through Reformations collection, you will not only notice their variety of elegant skirts and dresses but also the impressive selection of colors for each cut. My particular favorite thing about Reformation is, they have created a brand that embodies elegance and sexy all into one. How can this be??? Firstly their fabrics are to die for, although they may look delicate, they will pinch you in, in all the right places, hugging what is needed, to create the perfect silhouette . With a wide selection of colors to choose from, whatever style you chose, its hard not to go crazy shopping online and the temptation is to buy everything. So maybe have a friend beside you, to hold you back from bankruptcy lol. I love how playful each dress is, with a great blend of colors Reformation have designed dresses that disguise your flaws. My wrapped dress is the perfect example of Reformation, with the combination of dots and stripes it creates an illusion that my waist is slimmer. From a selection of navy and black to what you see below. What more can a girl want ? My shoes I decided to go for my new Topshop sneaker being that I am a city girl and lets be honest running around in heels is not very smart. I love them and they are a perfect contrast to such a classic dress. Trust me, if my dress is no longer an option, you will find so many other dresses within their collection that will make you go GA GA for but move fast they are gone in a split second. All I will say is that I’ve had a few Marilyn Monroe moments while walking above the subway. As cute as this dress is on me, I think I will leave these moves to Ms Monroe, so have a pin in place, if you are concerned with this potential dilemma. But what I will say is what ever dress you chose to buy I’ve no doubt you will feel like a classic Hollywood starlet.Follow my instagram/twitter (@your_lawless) & Snapchat (your_lawless) to see the excitement of living in New York and all the hidden gems in it.

Stay Lawless,

Niamh X

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