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Little Black Dress

February 10, 2016

Ask any fashionable lady what they love the most in their wardrobe, some may say a winter coat, others may say a vintage hat, but no matter what is their preferred clothing we all have a signature black dress. Black is a color that can do no wrong regardless of how you dress it up. I have several for many different occasions and I could not wait to wear this one wizard sleeve one in Mexico. Wizard sleeves are elegant, cozy and always a good idea. It’s so versatile you can pair it with knee high boots or strappy heel. I’ve picked out a selection of some of my favorite black dresses that can be easily rotated in your wardrobe from causal to formal. The key to having the perfect black dress is good quality fabric, a rule for any purchase. The dress must also have a signature quality that matches your personality. For me, I love my dress to be sexy but sophisticated and with its plunging back it’s the perfect fit.

Stay Lawless,

Niamh X






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The Perfect Combo

January 21, 2016


Winter is a wonderful season. And when it comes to fashion, indulgence is what comes to mind. My favorite indulgences are accessories; preferably snug ones. One thing about winter fashion is that vibrant and colorful slip from our minds when we look in our wardrobes. I love this fun hat, which I found on Asos. Designers are now taking on the common hat and threading it with a variety of embellishments and fabrics. And I LOVE it. This particular hat is veiled with small white pearl and delicate netting. In a dream world, it would stay in place but with the windy winter season upon us it’s best to pin it. Anthropologie has also become one of my favorite NY brands. They are known for their household trinkets but I personally love their accessories. Which is why I paired the Asos hat with one of their vibrant citrus yellow scarves. I wouldn’t normally buy such a brightly colored scarf but there was something special about this one. The two accessories complimented each other perfectly.


There are so many hidden rules in fashion, such as “No white after labor day”, “Dress for your age”, “Red heads should not wear pink”. Rules can be good and are in place for a reason, but I believe it is dated to adhere to these boundaries in fashion. One can make sophisticated choices outside of these rules and look fabulous. In other words, dress to impress. Photography by Gemma Friary

Stay Lawless,

Niamh X





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One to Watch

September 26, 2015

Having gone to the same college in Dublin, Ireland I would like to think that great minds think alike… lol but in this case I think I’m only trying to convince myself of that. Only just graduated last November, Andrew Bell is a name to watch out for very closely in the world of fashion. Moving to Paris later on this year can only improve and fine-tune his skills but also I feel help showcase this real talent from our small emerald isle. Having worked closely with the Creative Director and Head Designer of Dunnes Stores, Ireland, Andrew has developed a broad range of styles encompassing both formal and causal elements. Andrew has carried these elements into his own line and this has played a huge role with developing his continually growing fan base. Working closely beside their top designers his work experience does not stop there, having also interned with JW Anderson, Andrew has quickly developed a knowledge for the production and business side of the fashion industry having recently worked both SS14 Men’s and SS15 Women’s London shows. Creatively he was responsible for much of the success of each fashion house but now I feel its Andrew Bell’s time to fully shine in his own right with his very own personal collection. For his graduate piece, Andrew was influenced by the army trend that young girls were flaunting on nights out. He observed closely their body language and began to experiment with several silhouettes. The way in which women carry their handbags and themselves is one of the main focal points with his designs. In Ireland, young women carry enormous clutch bags when going out, although it may not make common sense elsewhere, it was enough to inspire this particular Wrap.Clench.Clutch.Consume. The concept is about empowering a relationship between fashion and the fashion victim. This is one of the reasons for his beautiful oversized silhouettes.

andrew 6

I was very excited this season for NYFW, as it was the first season that I was able to sit in for a show. So of course I wanted to be different and stand out from New Yorks finest but without being over confident, Andrew Bell’s outfit, which I wore on the day, was a huge hit. The moment I walked up to the tents, photographers were immediately drawn to my outfit. It was a little overwhelming at first but I won’t lie, it just demonstrated for me in one second, how unique and talented Andrews’s designs truly are. From being interviewed by several magazines, to being pulled aside by other designers, I have no doubt it will be no time before Andrew Bell’s exciting collection will be shown inside the tents rather than outside. If I didn’t draw enough attention to these killer trousers, I knew my next plan of action would be a frenzy, which it was. Like every girl, we know when to turn on the “cute button”, so in complete girlie fashion, to help draw attention to myself I pretended I had received a text on my phone. Now you may not know it but if you are not familiar with this collection, my beige leg on this trouser is not only a killer combo of beige and soft neon coral but also a hidden clutch bag. People were amazed at how clever and elegant it was, so much so that from the crowd a familiar face popped over to ask for a business card. Natural beauty Jackie Cruz insisted on finding out who the designer was and took several of Andrew’s business cards, the first of many requests after the show.

andrew 9

It was a very exciting moment for me as not only did I feel like the Belle of the ball but I knew this was only the beginning of something special for Andrew Bell. I look forward to seeing were this talented young Irish designer will be in years to come, so keep a watchful eye out for this name as I feel Andrew Bell’s fashion world is going to get a little more exciting very soon. Visit

Stay Lawless,

Niamh X





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Irish Fashion Showcase

September 22, 2015

This is a very exciting time, not only for fashion in New York City but also for fashion designers around the world. Finally the day had arrived that some of my very favorite Irish designers from Fee G to Caroline Matthews, along with many more showcased their designs in this year’s September fashion week. Funnily enough, it could not have been any more of an Irish day, as New York was flooded with torrential rain but this did not stop the excitement surrounding the event. Unfortunately, I arrived a little late due to the weather and leaving Marissa Webbs show but thankfully there was an amazing display after the show with all the designers look books, so I was relieved. Marietta Doran who organized Irish Fashion Showcase, as always held an amazing show that was elegant from start to finish. I was blown away by the selection of designers and how diverse each collection was. I must say for a small country, Ireland once again has demonstrated we are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to fashion design. For me personally, there was one particular designer that really had me at the edge of my seat, no joke. If I were to try to describe her show it would be to “Expect the Unexpected”. You must remember this name Carol Kennelly, she is fast coming a household name, not only in Ireland but worldwide and I will tell you why. Carol Kennelly’s millinery designs are totally inspired from her passion and love for hats and you can see this in her work. Her designs have been worn on “Best Dressed” winners from Melbourne to Tennessee. One piece in particular, which Carol wore on the night, was a beautiful giant rose headpiece that was also featured in the 2015 instillation at Kentucky Derby Museum.



When chatting with Carol back stage about her work and what inspired and motivated her in relation to her designs, she advised at first, she was simply designing for herself, as she felt other hats were only half fulfilling. Some of you may not realize it but in Ireland hats are a “must have” accessory for most social occasions, whether it is a wedding or a trip to the Galway Races. So it wasn’t long before Carol’s friends demanded a signature “Kennelly “design, starting of the fashion business which we see today. Decadent jeweling, intricate pearling, exotic feathers, vintage inspired but with a modern twist makes Carol Kennelly design’s unique from everyone else. You may laugh at me for saying this but you can lose yourself in her designs. For me they have a mystical or dream like feel, which is infectious. I have never been to the Galway races but I do know what designer I will have on speed dial, when I next have a social event. What is all the more lovable about this collection is after having meet Carol, you can see why she has become so successful, she is bubbly with a warm personality, its hard not to want to become her best friend.

irish 5

Another Irish favorite for me on the night was Jennifer Rothwell, who created a fabulous collection. Her work is inspired by the artwork of Irish artist Harry Clark which is strongly influenced by stained glass windows married with Irish Fairy Folklore mythology. An amazing selection of luxurious fabrics and intricate prints are Jennifer’s forte. Innovative designs with a high quality finish, creates a collection that is unique, yet elegant and timeless. Each garment is created with care, from the inside stitching to the outside print. Jennifer along with Carol both designers have created collections, which are not only loved in Ireland but are fast becoming recognized worldwide. Both ladies have perfectly showcased just some of the talent to be found on our small shores, and its just a little reminder to everyone that we are a fashion force to be reckoned with. Creating timeless designs for the sophisticated woman, The Irish Fashion Showcase will hopefully become a regular feature of New York Fashion Week.

Stay Lawless,

Niamh X


irish 3irish 2irish

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Vavavoom Backstage

September 19, 2015

Fashion week is sadly behind us and it’s always a hard one to let go off. This year was a very exciting one for me for many different reasons. Working more shows, moving up in my position and also getting to see the Irish Fashion Showcase in the Irish Consulate. Working back-to-back shows can be very exciting but at times extremely exhausting too. That’s why it’s so important to dress right and this year I found the perfect fit for working backstage. It’s a hidden rule that black is a must but truthfully I couldn’t help myself when I found two particular tops from Vavavoom. Of course I stuck to the black uniform code but you have to make it your own. While working Herve Leger, I wore a beautiful Zoya Asymmetric shirt for 14.99 euro. I couldn’t believe it when I found it. I love to feel girlie and elegant and sometimes that can be hard when you are wearing a top. That was not the case with my new Zoya top, everyone commented on it for all the right reasons. The best moment was enjoyed when I was lining the girls up to find hair and make up had mistaken me for one of the models while fixing my hair and make-up. So as you can easily understand, I felt very confident in this outfit. Jeans can be a hard one to get right and I won’t lie, I try to avoid wearing them, simply because the fit is never 100 per cent right. My jeans are so comfortable and I’m hoping that Vavavoom create them in every color possible because I wouldn’t take them off.


For my very last day, it was very hot and humid so jeans were not fun to work in, so I wanted to wear something that was light and more comfortable. I decided to go for my Kathryn navy print shirt, which is fast, becoming my new favorite top. Besides having a beautiful asymmetrical print, the colors were a perfect match with my new black jeans. Next time around, I will style this top as a dress and possibly place a pattern skirt underneath for an interesting contrast. But for working black jeans matched with my Kathryn shirt was the perfect fit for backstage. You know you have won big when you find a pair of jeans that fit like a pearl but also go with everything. I’ve never felt so good back stage standing beside some of the worlds biggest supermodels and for a second to be mistaken for one, I think its safe to say Vavavoom is becoming my new high street favorite. I love that both outfits looked completely different only with a fast change with a top. My Rosie grey satchel bag and black Vavavoom jeans were easily my best purchase for this season. Grey bags are coming the new color for this coming winter and I would not be surprised to see it sold out very soon. Whether its matched with burgundy, blue, brown or black you can not go wrong with this satchel especially when its only 24.99 euro. Check it out now visit .

Stay Lawless,

Niamh X