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Online Shopping

July 15, 2017


Today I wanted to talk about online shopping. The last time I discussed this topic it was in relation to scams and how to purchase and exchange information online safely. This post is a lot less serious but I do advise you read my later post for future reference “4 Tips to Avoid Online Fraud.” I have picked a selection of shops and designers that I frequently visit whether it’s a shoe fetish you have or just love to find something unique I feel these sites are ones for you. ( Above picture: Photography by Gabriel M Brandt. Styling by me, Models Janet Ribando & Caitlin Grace.)

It is the one thing that I really should stop buying but can’t. Dresses especially wrapped ones are so faltering and comfortable they are hard to resist. if I could shop on this every day I would, however, it is expensive. They are also great for jumpsuits and blouses. My second would have to be which is a brand in Australia once again it is expensive however if you are going to a wedding or have a special occasion I do advise to shop here. Not just because their collection is simply stunning but surprisingly not many ladies know about it in Ireland. Third would have to be, yes another Aussie brand but they know their stuff. There are some pieces I would not be keen on however I love their ECHO collection. Check out their Wallflower dress if you don’t believe me.



I have enough boots to know you can never have too many. Yes, heels from River Island, Topshop and all the high street favorites are nice but boots are everything. Dramatic but true and here’s why. 1. Your feet will never get wet which is the main factor when living in Ireland. 2. You can wear them during the day as well as night time “More for your buck” 3. You will not be left in pain from your friend’s heel piercing your toes & 4. There just simply comfy. So where to shop the best is one, is also great. For something a like more quirky the infamous Jeffery Campbell.


Mary Frances bags are my absolute favorite Another brand called Uterque is amazing for clothing as well as accessories, belts are always a winner with this site Sunglasses always complete a look no matter what the season. I love Anthropologie they have something to suit everyone and are great for scarfs. If you wanted something more urban then I would check out



Fitness fashion has taken on a new meaning. To stay on top with this new fashion statement there is only one site to visit and that is



Last but most certainly not least is my personal favorite coats. I usually shop vintage for coats however there is only one collection that will make me change this habit and that is ‘I am Studio.’ I brand which is based in Moscow, Russia. Their coats look like they have stepped off of the runway without the price tag. Knitwear and dresses are also something to consider when shopping on this site.

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4 Tips to Avoid Online Fraud

December 14, 2016


So who is panicking at this stage over Christmas shopping? I am sure some of you will be shopping on Christmas Eve for last minute pieces. However if you are like me and try to plan ahead I wanted to give you a few tips.

Unfortunately it’s not about the latest discount or free offer but I feel it is still very important. In my late teens and throughout college, I worked in retail from accessories to ladies and men’s departments. I feel I learnt a lot about shopping but my shopaholic addiction thought me much more.

So let me get straight to my point “Online Shopping” what’s not to love about it ? Instead of running to the shops after a long day at work, we have the reassuring option of just buying online with just one swipe. A dangerous but enjoyable addiction for many of us.

However in the midst of all the panic and madness and fear of leaving someone out, we may be less concerned or wary about where we shop. Sometimes if we come across a bargain that seems too good to be true, chances are it really is. Unfortunately there are a small number of scammers waiting to cash in on at our time of panic. It can happen at any time of the year but at Christmas even the most tech savvy shoppers are vulnerable. So if you decided to do some of your shopping online this year I wanted to let you know some signs that should be an instant red flag.

1. When you key in your website of choice look at the top of your computer screen. You should see the coding box for this particular site. Look at ‘URL’ and the beginning you will see http. Every site has it however some will have https. What this means is that the site with ‘s’ is seen as secure and safe but do not be completely alarmed, as there are some sites without this which are still ok to shop with. What I would advise is to register as a new customer to have your information safe.

2. Every good/reputable online store will require you to register. If they do not when checking out for the first time, I would opt to pay through PayPal. A service that enables you to securely pay, send money, and accept payments without revealing your financial details.

3. Thirdly what you should look for is an up to date copyright. This can be usually found at the very end of the site beside contacts and customer care. An example from the River Island site is at the very bottom (Copyright c River Island 2016). What does the copyright mean? It means that this company owns this domain. If the copyright is a year out of date, then I would not shop on this site. Every trading and well run business would always have an up to date copyright.

4. Another great way to find out if a site is safe and secure is to use scam advisor. I have used this website myself and find it very helpful. It is very easy to use, first copy and paste your site of concern and place it into scam advisor search box. It may take a minute however you will find out where the site is run but also if it is a scam. It’s very reassuring to know there is support for shoppers to keep their accounts and information safe.

If you have become a victim of an online shopping scam contact your bank immediately. Every bank operates differently however there is always a solution to every problem. I hope this information helps at least one of you. Have a lovely Christmas.

Stay lawless,

Niamh X


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Sunday World Autumn Shoot

September 14, 2016

So last Sunday something very exciting happened to me. I got my first credit in Ireland as a stylist. For the past three years, I have been working hard to build my career as a stylist and costume designer with my final year of college in the mix. It’s been an emotional roller coaster to say the least. Styling music videos in New York to costume designing on Broadway, I was determined to get home and start building a platform here on the Emerald Isle.

Since coming home, I have been credited as a costume designer in Dublin and London; however fashion editorial was my next box to tick off. Never did I think I would be have three of the most exciting styling jobs in the space of a week. I have walked off all my over indulgent chocolate nights from the last month, so there is always a plus side to working on your feet. Styling for UTV Ireland’s ‘Miss Ireland Rocks’ (130 looks to be exact), Vavavoom and ‘Red Rocks’ starlets Roisin O’Donovan and Ann Skelly.

The first to be published was my Vavavoom shoot, which took place in Dublin and photographed by Ralph McKeon. All the looks I have shown can be found online at We are in the middle of seasons and usually at this point we are quick to change our color palette to dark greys, blacks and burgundy. But hopefully my shoot may allow you to consider a change!

I was lucky enough to shoot with Faridah Adbullah, a model from New York who undoubtedly ROCKED IT! It was a fast day switching into several looks, but Faridah was a pro, as noted by many onlookers on the busy streets of Dublin.

One particular moment that stood out was when Faridah got a lovely big beep, whistles and waves from a car full of ladies driving by, shouting ‘leg envy’ and ‘you beaut’ while wearing this ‘Marley’ catsuit. This added an extra giggle for the whole crew along with a sigh of relief having amongst caused a crash.

Ultimately, this proved that Vavavoom makes you stand out from the crowd. Whether you want to wear a darling outfit like the ‘Marley’ catsuit or an outfit that can transition from day to night, Vavavoom never disappoints!

My personal favorite was the black jumpsuit nicknamed ‘Ginny’. I placed a vintage belt to add contrast to the overall look. A wrap belt like this is great as it can hold in your waist and make you feel a lot more secure in your clothing. Ophelia Top is perfect for girls like myself who have a bigger bust as it pinch’s in under the bust line creating a flattering silhouette.

I hope you love the looks, all which can be found on

Stay Lawless,

Niamh X



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The Art of Comfortable Fashion

July 17, 2016

Have you ever experienced a day were you don’t want to be in anything other than your pjs or gym gear? I’ve had many! Yet, what happens when you feel this way and need to look presentable? It’s honestly the worst feeling and a struggle to say the least. Although gym gear is the new craze that doesn’t mean we need to adopt it into every day life when we’re out and about.

I personally love to wear midi skirts, wrap skirts to be precise. You may be asking why? Well the truth is, no matter what size you think you are, a skirt that holds in your waist will always be flattering.

We’ve all had a day were the thought of wearing a body con exterior freaks us out. Am I right? Well, no matter what your size, a ladies waist should be are main focus. Playing with feminine shapes is easy achieved with wrap skirts. I have selected several from ASOS, which you can dress from casual (as you see above) or perhaps formal. No matter how you style your wrap skirt, self-consciousness and discomfort will be the last thing on your mind.

I purchased this amazing skirt from ASOS. What’s more, IT’S STILL AVAILABLE! I bought my skirt in a size 12 and there was not much to alter. However, the contrast of blue, white and brown may not be for everyone so I have picked some similar shapes with subtle fabrics and color choices. Hope you love my selections and perhaps consider one of these looks for yourself. To purchase my sunglasses visit instagram @myannies. Photography by Kristen Walker

Stay Lawless,

Niamh X



SheIn Summer Favorites

June 28, 2016

As if this sale season could not get any better! Shein are offering 40% OFF when you spend over US $55+ use Code: KS40 and 45% OFF when you spend over US $105+ until 4th of July.

I am always looking out for a fashion fix and Shein collection never disappoints. The only problem is that it can add confusion and time to your day as there really is too much to choose from. I have picked out my favorites to make the search a little bit easier, but this doesn’t mean there’s not more to see and love. Other fashion brand sites will usually have a limited collection and update with new pieces on a weekly base. Shein update daily, YES DAILY, so if something has sold out one day, rest assured you will find it in your size the following day or even better you might find a top or dress you prefer to your original pick. For once I’m going to do less chit-chat and allow you ladies to see for yourself how amazing this Shein really is, but remember this promotion only last until the 4th of July.

Stay Lawless,

Niamh X