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Fashion or Pain?

November 3, 2017

Who loves heels? I know I do but there is a percentage of women that refuse to endure this pain for fashion. Honestly, there are times I wish I was that smart. There really is nothing worse than being out with friends and unable to move with the sheer physical and sometimes unbearable pain. Some of us ( i.e me) choose wine as are remedy others wear flats. But what if there was a solution would you consider embracing a heel for a night? If your answer is still no then hear me out. No matter if you have a pair of flats or heels chances are new shoes have to be worn in and unfortunately, that is a painful process. So give heels a chance!!

Women who avoid wearing heels there reasons can differ but it is usually pain related. Another reason which many won’t admit is that there afraid of walking in heels and falling. It takes practice and I’m not sure if I have even mastered it myself after all these years wearing them. I won’t lie there is nothing worse than seeing a woman beautiful dressed however has embodied a Frankenstein walk. Its less than flattering. Lately, I found myself ditching the thin stiletto heel and opting for a block heel. I immediately saw a change in my mood because sore feet make you cranky no matter how nice you are there’s only so long to can hold a brave face. Besides being comfortable block heels are perfect for a casual brunch with friends or a day wandering the shops.

I have picked out some of my favorites from the high street. But remember it is winter so if you are going to wear these sandals during the day than adding a cute pair of socks into the mix. Frostbite is real and dangerous. If you are still not convinced then I have one more positive note to give. Are you a practical shopper? If so then a blocked heel is a practical buy. Although these are A/W pieces they are also perfect for a summer party. So really you are getting a shoe that fits every occasion and season.

Stay Lawless,

Niamh X





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October 5, 2017



How many times has your style changed? For myself personally, I have lost count. At twelve I rocked the sock sleeve inspired by Avril Lavigne. Then there was the era from of Abercrombie & Fitch. At college, I think there was some confusion as I would wear river island sandals in the midst of winter with jeans and leather jacket. I know what was I thinking. But there was one thing that I have loved to wear continuously from the early age of twelve and that has been a puffer jacket.

Since my teens, the puffer jacket has evolved from a causal dual coat to wear while walking to becoming a fashion statement of its own. Designers like Moschino have taken a basic fabrication and made it into something that is memorable for all the right reasons. But no one embraces daring designs like the high street and let’s be honest they always get it right. Dunnes Stores is renowned in Ireland as the no. 1 grocery store however that will soon change. If you haven’t noticed Dunnes Store has reinvented its business. Instead of picking up Brennan’s bread you are now greeted by designs from Irish designers such as Paul Costello and my personal favorite Joanne Hynes.

This seasons A/W 2017 collection Dunnes Stores have embraced a vibrant palette which mostly consists of pinks. Last winter we seen pink frequently used by many designers. Jcrew set the tone with there faux fir pink coat with oversized lapels which I proudly own. But I am getting a little off point here, just so you know pink has been in for the last year and I don’t see it changing anytime soon.

I have picked out a selection of fashionable yet practical puffer coats that I think you ladies and possibly gents will love. At the end of the day, the lovely thing about puffer coats is that they are unisex. In relation to style, I wore my Savida coat with jeans and a cardigan/top. My jeans are from Free People and I am ashamed to admit these are the first pair that I have bought in five years. Terrible but true, having bad skin I found a lot of denim irritated my skin and I always felt more comfortable in skirts, until now. For the last year I have searched high and low for bell bottom jeans and finally found a pair that I love. The denim is soft with a little stretch which is always welcome in my book. I have picked out other jean styles in case bell bottoms is not your thing. My top is a lace cardigan that I purchased from Primark this summer and I embellished it with my favorite brooch from Jenny Vander Vintage. If you click on the looks below you will find a direct link to the product. So happy shopping ladies and of course…..

Stay Lawless,


(Photography by Yong, Instagram Smashnj)




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You Magazine “End of Summer”

August 13, 2017
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River Island A/W 2017

June 27, 2017


Hello again,

It has been a while. I have been working on a few exciting projects that I will later share. But until then I wanted to share my latest whereabouts last Wednesday ‘River Islands A/W17 Preview.’ For the last three seasons, River Island shoe collections have taken over my room literally. There are eight shoe boxes in my wardrobe not including several others decorating my floor this very minute. It’s hard to resist a cute pair of boots especially when they are sixty euro. No matter what the style or current inspo, River Island has always maintained an affordable choice. This collection will be no different.

One important part of my job is to always stay ahead of each season which I love. It is no hidden secret that the autumn winter months are a full-time party. For me personally, when I think of party wear the 70s jumpsuit quickly passes my mind. However, another iconic era that transformed the disco era was the 80s. Metallic frills, bold silhouettes (including the permed hair) made this a memorable decade in fashion. River Island has embodied some of these timeless elements creating a collection that can be adored by many. If you love exaggerated sleeves, vibrant colors and a touch of faux fur then this collection is for you. I have not yet been given a date when the first pieces will be released however I predict August would be a time to start looking. I hope this has given you ladies something to look forward to and of course…

Stay Lawless,


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Dress for the Occasion

April 25, 2017


River Island our excited to announce the launch of “Dress for The Occasion”. A collection designed with with a romantic and sultry feel. So ladies if you have an up and coming event that you wish to impress this week is the time to visit your nearest River Island store. I have seen these dresses in person and I honestly was blown away, truly. Two in particular that would be perfect for a bridal dress, veil not included. I am not over exaggerating this collection is spectacular but it is limited edition so don’t hold back. Nothing haunts us ladies more than a dress we did not buy. You have been warned.

Stay Lawless,

Niamh X



1.    Frilled white layered halter dress – 269 euro

2.   Beaded Cape – 100 euro

3.   Floral embroidered dress/long sleeve – 94 euro

4.   White halter neck jumpsuit – 161 euro

5.   Coral dress – 161 euro

6.   Floral maxi dress – 107 euro

7.   Beaded long sleeve dress – unknown price

8.   Grey frilled maxi dress – 95 euro

9.   Floral caped dress – 114 euro

10. Floral off-shoulder dress – 94 euro