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January 24, 2018



Every lady wants to feel beautiful, some find it in a lipstick others find it when wearing a killer pair of heels, for me, it has always been lingerie. Lucky for me I received a fabulous email from Primark PR who gave me a sneak peek at this year S/S18 lingerie collection that I know you ladies will adore. Although you may feel Christmas was last week valentines is fast approaching. I’m sure every lady can agree there is nothing more full filling than purchasing beautiful lingerie. Primark has designed once again a beautiful collection at an affordable price. A perfect solution to get over the January blues. My personal favourite would have to be the delicately laced body suit. I once purchased a very similar style, however, I loved it so much that I wanted to wear it out. To do this I had the bodysuit lined with nude fabric to maintain some privacy. Modifying my clothes is something I love to do and highly recommend. Buying high street you are at risk of being dressed like someone else at a party. To avoid this be creative and experiment with your wardrobe. I promise you it is so much fun. To find ideas on how to wear lingerie out visit my previous post ‘Journelle.’ If you decide its still not for you well then you have your boyfriend left to tease which can always be fun.

Stay Lawless,

Niamh X