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The Art of Comfortable Fashion

July 17, 2016

Have you ever experienced a day were you don’t want to be in anything other than your pjs or gym gear? I’ve had many! Yet, what happens when you feel this way and need to look presentable? It’s honestly the worst feeling and a struggle to say the least. Although gym gear is the new craze that doesn’t mean we need to adopt it into every day life when we’re out and about.

I personally love to wear midi skirts, wrap skirts to be precise. You may be asking why? Well the truth is, no matter what size you think you are, a skirt that holds in your waist will always be flattering.

We’ve all had a day were the thought of wearing a body con exterior freaks us out. Am I right? Well, no matter what your size, a ladies waist should be are main focus. Playing with feminine shapes is easy achieved with wrap skirts. I have selected several from ASOS, which you can dress from casual (as you see above) or perhaps formal. No matter how you style your wrap skirt, self-consciousness and discomfort will be the last thing on your mind.

I purchased this amazing skirt from ASOS. What’s more, IT’S STILL AVAILABLE! I bought my skirt in a size 12 and there was not much to alter. However, the contrast of blue, white and brown may not be for everyone so I have picked some similar shapes with subtle fabrics and color choices. Hope you love my selections and perhaps consider one of these looks for yourself. To purchase my sunglasses visit instagram @myannies. Photography by Kristen Walker

Stay Lawless,

Niamh X


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