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The Balancing Act

June 15, 2015

Visiting Soho on Saturdays is one of my many favourite things to do in the city at the weekend. Lively and fun, I always love to dress up and catch up with friends for brunch or a cocktail. You will find every shop here whether it is Topshop, Zara or my newly found love Free People everything you need is here. If shopping is not for you, then dining in Soho is perfect. Whether it’s for food or drinks, I would definitely recommend the Corner Deli. “Baked by Melissa” is always a fun treat, if you just want a sweet fix. With the loveable factors Soho has to offer, it can also be a balancing act between crossing a cobble street to the next shop off Spring Street. So if your not going straight to The James Hotel rooftop bar, I do advise a cute flat to get you through the day.

My pink lace dress is a few seasons ago from Topshop. I love dresses like this, they are always a fun option for summer and can be a perfect option for a dinner party or wedding. Being that I am now 24, I wanted to change the style of the dress and make it more sophisticated rather than just a “cute prom dress”. You may recognise my bag from my previous posts that I got for a steal at a Joie sale. Joie clothing is another fashion brand I discovered in the city while living here. If you like to be fun and flirty for summer, Joie always has a strong collection for the typical girlie girl. It’s a hard task to match a floral bag with a floral dress however I think in this case it works perfectly. The floral lace on the pink dress is very delicate with my clutch having a more vibrant and stronger pattern, I feel they both complement each other very well. I am absolutely obsessed with my new belt from Jcrew and I could not have gotten a better match for this outfit. With a combination of pinks and green, this belt is the perfect fit to pull the entire outfit together. These brands are huge here in NYC and if your coming on holidays you should make a visit. For my shoes, I recently purchased these shoes from express, they are surprisingly comfortable and really do go with everything. Scrappy sandal is a key for summer, so I wouldn’t be surprised if these daring red pins are sold out but don’t fear, you will find an amazing selection from many high street stores, so keep your searching you will find them. Follow my instagram/twitter (@your_lawless) & Snapchat(your_lawless) to see the excitement of living in New York and all the hidden gems behind it.

Stay Lawless,


Photography by Mark J. Romanelli


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