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The Flat Stiletto

April 12, 2015

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Boston was a memorable trip and a city I will definitely return to. When considering what to pack on trips away I’m sure all you ladies would agree it’s a struggle. For me when packing outfits for trips away I feel I’ve become more practical and realistic, wearing everything in your wardrobe in seven short days is unrealistic. Flats are a must when visiting a new city and my Kurt Geiger shoes were the perfect fit of practical and Boston flair. Lucky for us ladies high top trainers are becoming more and more on trend with many brands such as Steve Madden, Topshop and many more creating lavish trainers that were previously less than glamorous. Being completely honest and I hate to admit it but these brands would occasionally convince me to leave my stilettos behind on a night out. I do love my comfort but it’s also nice to feel dressed up, high tops are the perfect touch of glamour and really are the way to. I got my Kurt Geiger high tops as a present from my boyfriend at the time so they are unfortunately a few seasons old. However Topshop have an amazing range this season of metallic trainers online and in store. I have not seen high top versions similar to my own but Topshops collection of trainers do light up which is pretty cool. If you come across these trainers and are not convinced then Michael Kors maybe another one to consider. The only problem I have with Michael Kors is that it’s heavily branded which is something that immediately puts me off. Everyone is different but if I buy any piece of clothing its because I like it. Good designers should continuously have a collection that is strong but more important immediately identifiable to them. A perfect example of this is Diana von Furstenberg who is famous for her wrap dresses and not by an oversized vulgar logo.

I matched my gold incrusted high top trainers with my favorite Aritza leather pants perfect with any color for any occasion. Leather pants are something I’ve always worn but its only recently I’ve found a pair I could not live without. It’s important to invest in real leather if you want to rock this look. There are many high street brands that sell leather pants but make sure they are good quality before purchasing as I’ve found in the past the quality is not there making an outfit look very cheap. Staying true to my gold high tops I wanted to carry the color through my outfit even more. I purchased this amazing vintage knit from my favorite vintage store in New York ‘The Family Jewel’ in Chelsea. You will find very similar cardigans in many vintage stores as its an 80s classic however it may not be as vibrant. Either way with or without this cardigan statement trainers are the way forward for a trip away and are perfect with any outfit. It all depends on how you want to wear them. Follow my instagram/twitter (@your_lawless) & Snapchat (your_lawless) to see the excitement of living in New York and all the hidden gems behind it.


Stay Lawless,

Niamh X

Photography by Mark J. Romanelli


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