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The Perfect Combo

January 21, 2016


Winter is a wonderful season. And when it comes to fashion, indulgence is what comes to mind. My favorite indulgences are accessories; preferably snug ones. One thing about winter fashion is that vibrant and colorful slip from our minds when we look in our wardrobes. I love this fun hat, which I found on Asos. Designers are now taking on the common hat and threading it with a variety of embellishments and fabrics. And I LOVE it. This particular hat is veiled with small white pearl and delicate netting. In a dream world, it would stay in place but with the windy winter season upon us it’s best to pin it. Anthropologie has also become one of my favorite NY brands. They are known for their household trinkets but I personally love their accessories. Which is why I paired the Asos hat with one of their vibrant citrus yellow scarves. I wouldn’t normally buy such a brightly colored scarf but there was something special about this one. The two accessories complimented each other perfectly.


There are so many hidden rules in fashion, such as “No white after labor day”, “Dress for your age”, “Red heads should not wear pink”. Rules can be good and are in place for a reason, but I believe it is dated to adhere to these boundaries in fashion. One can make sophisticated choices outside of these rules and look fabulous. In other words, dress to impress. Photography by Gemma Friary

Stay Lawless,

Niamh X





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