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May 8, 2017


Do you have a denim jacket? If not why not I would ask ? I have picked out my favourites which I feel are perfect fit for this summer. Denim is cool, classic and always appealing no matter how you style it. Would you believe that the denim jacket debuted in 1880 and was created by fashion creator and Levi founder Levi Strauss. Designed to be durable, hardwearing and targeted at rugged cowboys and gold rush miners, it quickly had many fans at this time. It has since evolved so much since then and is continuously being reinvented/restyled and introduced as something new and fresh.  I love how this uniform for originally for men has been consistently reinvented throughout the history of fashion and is now seen as feminine and sexy but truth be told it has never really changed. A few alterations here and there have been made but quality has always remained in its core design. If you invest in a denim jacket now I have no doubt it will still be in fashion in later years.

For me there are many ways to style a denim jacket either matching it with a cute laced dress, leather pants over my favourite denim on denim or a even casual top. I really don’t know why denim on denim is considered a fashion “no no”, I believe it can work when done right. At the end of the day that is the real beauty of fashion. We can’t agree on everything otherwise we would all be clones of one another, how boring would that be ? I salute the young ladies who dress true to themselves and have their own individual style. Hopefully what I love, you will to.

Stay Lawless,

Niamh X



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