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Unwrap Happy

November 11, 2016


I am going to say it and please forgive me but I am loving the early Christmas celebrations. Now I know many feel Christmas decorations and the sheer mention of searching for presents should be left for December. For me, the run up to Christmas is better than the day itself, so why shorten it? Who can really complain seeing countless bright lights and bobbled trees decorating the most dull and unimaginative streets? I still remember being a little girl and a tradition which I shared with my dad of driving around my local town to see all the street decorations in all their glory. This feeling has never waned and it really is an excitement I still feel today and hopefully in the future with my own children, when I have them of course. Besides, Christmas is an excuse for many of us to treat ourselves without any guilt. Another tradition I share but with my Lawless mum, we love shopping but especially at Christmas.

One thing I have always planned to do but never got the chance was to visit Kildare Village. Lucky for me last Wednesday, Kildare Village invited me along to celebrate the launch of their Christmas season and the opening of several new stores. Up to this Kildare Village housed 64 designers’ stores that number has now drastically changed to over 90. That’s not all…. Kildare Village knows how to throw a party and those that attended were really spoiled. On arrival we were greeted by elf’s the real ones (lol) holding Prosecco and festive treats. Now I had planned to be good for the month of November and not have any sweets. We all have our weak spots and deserts are mine. As you can tell from the pictures above it was hard to resist, I did last 30 minutes before taking a bit so that is some progress. It was so lovely to meet the team who were very excited to tell us of their new arrivals to the village from Sarah Pacini, Pretty Ballerinas, DVF and many more.

After are meet and greet with the team our lovely elf friends gave us mulled wine before walking us through the village. Walking through the village for the first time I really was taken back. I have been to many outlets but Kildare Village where you don’t feel as though you are trapped in a shopping maze but more wandering beautiful New England styled streets which just happen to be selling the latest DKNY collection.

As we walked closer to our surprise we began to hear beautiful Christmas melodies which were being sung by the Leah Moran Stage School. These kids were absolutely brilliant, I wish I had the talent but also the confidence to stand in front of a huge crowd like them. There was not a word said as everyone stood in amazement and enjoyed the show. Kildare Village even had reindeer at the event so another first for me as my childhood wish came true and that wasn’t all, as if we weren’t spoiled enough we were all gifted a voucher, Christmas mug and my favorite a Foxford lambswool blanket embroidered with are initials by So Collective.

There are many designer brands which can be found at Kildare Village but I want to tell you about So Collective. For me this was my favorite store in the Village as it showed in just one space the diversity and talent of designers which are present on Irish shores at this time. Why are we not considered one of the Fashion capitals of Europe I just wonder? I think this will soon change. Every Christmas I buy one decoration for the Christmas tree for my mum. I was happily surprised when I meet crystal designers and crafts men Eamonn Terry. If you visit my instagram and facebook page you will see a quick glimpse of Mr Terry’s delicate craftwork. Being an artist myself I am very aware of design and skill required when working with delicate materials. However I was hugely surprised by how demanding and precise you needed to be when working with crystal. Eamonn of course made it look so simple, a true artist. To see more of Eamonn’s work or to enquire for a possibly gift visit www.criostal .com or email directly at eamonn@criostal.com.

Thank you again to Kildare Village for making my first visit so special. I know it will not be my last.

Stay Lawless,

Niamh X





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