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August 23, 2015

Two weeks ago, I got contacted by VaVaVoom one of Irelands elite clothing lines to tell me about their clothing range. Shopping in Ireland to me personally, is a whole different world in comparison to New York. To look fashionable and sophisticated here in the big apple, it is a big expense that makes it hard for girls like myself living here. Many have the illusion, that living in this big city, you will find yourself becoming the next Carrie Bradshaw, rocking the lastest Mono Blanco shoes but if only that were true lol! However to be able to indulge yourself and to keep up with today’s latest trends, I feel VaVaVoom which is an Online Clothing store that every fashion loving girl really should know about, with a strong collection of elegant dresses and statement jackets, it would be totally surprising to me, if you didn’t have a wish list made immediately following your first visit.

VaVaVoom have a lot to chose from, if you are looking for a sophiscated dress or perhaps a more causal option they really have it all. If dresses are not your style then you must check out their selection of tops, my favorite has to be the Zoya Grey Asymmetric T Shirt. Honestly, the list goes on, you just have to see for yourself, I know you wont be disappointed.


The first item which caught my eye was this beautiful beige duster jacket called Justina for 32.99 euro www.vavavoom.ie. I have always wanted one but couldn’t find one I truly loved, until now ! These jackets are perfect for any occasion, I know for myself, I will be experimenting with it in every way so that I can get to wear it at every chance. For my first time wearing it, I wanted to go all out and take full advantage of it’s tailored look. Right now, I am in love with the 70s vibes that are in the city, so I went for this beautiful cropped top from Topshop. Color is something I’ve only recently warmed to, after a long love affair with black. That’s not to say that a full black ensemble would not be perfect with my Justina jacket. Whatever color you chose to go for, beige no matter what, will remain one of my favorite colors to mix and match. Beige really is the new black, as it goes with everything but in my opinion is a color that could be worn in every season. A flattering trouser or perhaps a skinny jean will be my next combo but for now considering the humid New York summer we are having at the moment, I am avoiding jeans and trousers at all costs, so skirts are always my preferred option at this time of year. Duster jackets are perfect to have in your wardrobe for each season minus winter of course, if it is sleeveless. So if you are going to decide to purchase on your next shopping trip, I believe a VaVaVoom duster jacket really is essential and a perfect investment to add to anyones wardrobe. If you are not convinced or prefer a shorter option then check out their Nanette Rust Short Belted Sleeveless Jacket. This jacket is to die for, with a similar cut to my newly acquired Justina jacket. VaVaVoom also have the Nanette Rust, not only is the fit of this jacket perfect for any figure, it also is in a strong and daring red.   Follow my instagram/twitter (@your_lawless) & Snapchat (your_lawless) to see the excitement of living in New York and all the hidden gems in it.

Stay Lawless,

Niamh X

Photography by Mark J. Romanelli


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