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Vera Wang NYFW 2016

February 19, 2016


New York is full of surprises and if you had told me on Friday last when I landed in JFK from Mexico, that I would be given a press pass to Vera Wang, I wouldn’t have believed you. One of the main reasons I love being in this amazing city is you can make anything happen in a day. New York is an opportunity just waiting to happen. There is always a way in this city to grow and network. So this Tuesday, I had the honour of getting to see one of fashion weeks most elite and famous designers Vera Wang. This years collection was simply breathtaking, my favorite part was watching the full production of the show come to life. Models were walking onto the catwalk from every angle, it definitely achieved the element of surprise. With a selection of black gowns , olive greens suits and embellished nude dresses Vera Wang’s collection will be a hard one to out stage. Inspired by the 20’s and 30’s, Vera Wang wanted to convey a collection that represented strong and charismatic young women and she achieved this.


I will admit there was a beautiful tall gown that would be a hard one to carry off for most ladies. If I was to wear it, I think a pair of jeans and an undergarment would be necessary. But then again, fashion is a matter of opinion and that’s just mine. My favourite was a nude tall column gown with a bib neck that was embellished with numerous panels of crystals and metallic sequins. It was a very diverse collection, from bold black suits to dreamy gowns. Vera created a magical show that was strong from the start to finish. One thing that I really adored when looking through the endless racks of clothes, was how the collection was styled. Layering was a big factor and I loved it. Patchwork was also a strong element and was used beautifully in a variety of colours from soft greys, olives and chartreuse in numerous fur jackets. This experience was one to remember and I am just so happy I got to witness a true fashion legend behind the scenes. Thank you to my lovely and talented friend Annis, who gave me front row pictures from the press box. A rising New York photographer who has brains, talent and beauty. Follow her on Instagram to find more amazing behind the scene shots. To see the full show for yourself visit www.verawang.com

Stay Lawless,

Niamh X



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