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July 18, 2015

So I have just arrived back from San Francisco, it was definitely a trip to remember, finally getting to hang out with my family after eight long months in the states. San Francisco has been on my lists of cities to visit for a long time and after being there, I’ve no doubt I will revisit again pretty soon. Being a shopaholic and a “vintage vixen”, I couldn’t help myself wandering the streets of San Fran’ to find where was best to shop. Back in February, I was lucky enough to work on location on a movie in Boston where I found numerous vintage and designer consignment boutiques that I really adored. This time around there was one real favorite which stood out for me, not only in San Fran’ but also from every vintage shop I have visited since living here in the states. Not that I don’t love previous finds but this particular San Fran’ gem is one of a kind, so I best not keep it a secret for much longer lol !!!

wall 11

‘Wallflower’ if you haven’t been yet, you are missing out big time, owned by the beautiful Lindsey and Victoria, both ladies have combined their unique and individual style and turned their quirky fashionable eye into a vintage boutique like no other. How lucky are we ladies? Many vintage shops are dull with over crowded rails, making it very hard to find a one off a kind piece. However with Wallflower, you feel as though you have stepped back into a vibrant chic 60’s boutique in the peak of the “flower power era”. With creative and fun window displays, it doesn’t take much to draw you into to this newly opened boutique, as the clothes not only add color but speak volumes to what is inside. Wallflower’s collection of clothing, ranges from beautiful sheer 60’s dresses, to bold prints and 70’s balloon sleeved floral options.

wallflower jacket_

Even though we are in summer months Wallflower is one step ahead, with an amazing collection of shearling, suede and faux fur jackets, ready to make a bold statement for the coming season. I couldn’t help myself when I found one in particular. I’m ashamed to say I found it online from their instagram site @Wallflowersf and before even entering their doors I was already hooked. I love it when boutiques share their excitement and love for new arrivals on social media, it just shows their passion for what they are buying but also keeps you in the loop so as to not miss out on a priceless piece. This suede and faux fur jacket was only 110 dollars, which to me is amazing, as not only are you getting it for a killer price, no one else will have it !!! That has to be possibly the most exciting and rewarding part of shopping vintage, when you know everyone else will want it and you were lucky enough to find it. You will also find an amazing range of dresses here, I found it very hard to find anything dull or black, so if you are like me and love to be vibrant, Wallflower will have something to suit your needs. Wallflower has an amazing mix and variety of clothing. Although purchasing a winter jacket, I couldn’t pass this colorful and embellished duster. It really is one of a kind and I’ve already worn it way too much. Back in the day, I’ve no doubt if Wallflower was around, you would find characters such as Twiggy rocking her signature mini dress or Farrah Fawcett buying a causal high waisted jeans look or a seductive satin jumpsuit. Although we cannot be as beautiful as these ladies, thanks to Victoria and Lindsey, we can dress like them but also out stage them. Trust me, this is not a shop that will make you look like you are wearing a costume but will transform you and make you look like you just stepped off a Vogue shoot. Finally I have found the vintage store that loves 60’s and 70’s just as much as me. Victoria and Lindsey’s style, creative vision and desire for classic looks, makes Wallflower all the more special so don’t forget to visit them at @Wallflowersf or for online purchases . There is also ladies if you are in San Fran the 25th or 26th of July Wallflower are hosting a trunk show featuring magical jewels by Torchlight but don’t fear if you can’t make it this time. There will be plenty more to come from this amazing boutique.

Stay Lawless,

Niamh X

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