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October 8, 2017

I can not speak for all ladies but would it be wrong to say that we can not leave our house without are handbag? If you can do without then I wish to change this. I have picked out a selection of handbags that will be your first though before leaving your house. For me, a handbag is a necessary part of my day as I see it as opportunity to embellished my outfit. Handbags are like shoes they say a lot about our personality. When I was younger I would only buy a big handbag. Back then when Paris Hilton was an ‘IT’ girl, young girls like myself followed along with trying to fit everything you possibly owned into one bag. No animals were carried inside, thankfully living in Ireland prevented this trend. Having grown up a lot and making my own opinion on how I wish to dress I found my love affair with bigger bags soon changed. Although owning a big bag had its comforts of hiding you when you felt frumpy shoulder pain was never fun for me.

In my opinion no matter what size or style of bag you wish to purchase winter is the perfect time in the year to start shopping. Why might you ask? Well, firstly we are moving into the party season. Autumn/Winter collections no matter which designer you prefer is always guaranteed to be spectacular. My two favorites, for example, are Gucci and Dolce&Gabbanna who are always consistent with tailoring and strong design. however, their winter collections speak for it’s from beautifully discolored leathers to swarthy crystals embellishments. Another favorite of mine which was present last season was feathered bags which have made another appearance this year. The bags you will find below do not hold the same price points as a Gucci bag. Thankfully the high street our just as good if not sometimes better. This year it is quite clear they have been inspired by several designer brands. I will not be one to complain.

The second reason why it is the perfect time to purchase a new handbag is that you do not have to pay for it. No, I am not suggesting to go shoplifting. A little hint goes a long way with a loved one and if that doesn’t work well I am sorry I can not help with plan B. Just remember it might be considered party season but it is also the time of year that we can indulge without judgment. So treat yourself you won’t regret it. And always…

Stay Lawless,





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