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Xmas Jumper

December 13, 2016


This time of year a festive jumper is essential however most our less than fashionable. Don’t get me wrong a jumper that lights up and sings a tune is always a winner but only for one night of the year. What a waste, no? Im sure we can be a little more practical and creative for this years themed parties.

Recently while shopping online I discovered this beautiful frilled jumper from Shein. The color of this jumper is a gorgeous candy cane green. Although I love to wear red I did not want to incorporate it into this look but that’s not to say you can’t. To make this look more festive and make your friends envious I would opt for a head piece preferably glitzy but that’s just me.

I had this discussion with one of my friends who love to be as girlie as possible on a night out and hate this idea of Christmas jumpers. Most of them felt that jumpers were unfaltering and made them feel frumpy. Let’s be honest ladies we want to feel our very best when out but especially at Christmas, you never know who you will bump into. What I love most about this jumper is the sleeves and cut off shoulders making it more flirty then frumpy.

It can work for the Christmas celebrations but also bring you into the new year. A touch of color into your winter wardrobe should always be welcomed. January isn’t a month to be considered as warm and it is at this time we begin to see dresses reappear. Even if this is not your color this jumper does not have to be worn only at Christmas. St Patrick’s day is another occasion to consider. My skirt is from h&m and my bag I also recently purchased from Zara. Have a lovely Christmas and of course,

Stay lawless,

Niamh X



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